Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Social: Summer Time

This Weeks Questions:

Best Summer memory as a kid? I remember I used to ride my bike everywhere before I could drive. I'm serious I would often ride my bike to walmart, which is like 4 miles away. Now a days nobody would even think of doing that unless they were biking for exercise. I wouldn't say this is a fond memory....just a vivid one LOL.

Favorite summer drink? Anything frozen with alcohol in it.

Favorite Summer TV show?  MasterChef!! I started watching this show when I was home on maternity leave with my son and have watched it every summer since then.

Best outdoor summer activity? Hanging out at the pool and bonfires.

Summer vacation essentials?  SUNGLASSES. I can't go anywhere without them. Also sunscreen because my Hubs and kids are super pale.

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