Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:
1. 1 year ago I was doing ….Just a couple of weeks pregnant with Carson and puking my guts out constantly.

2. 5 years ago I was doing ….Well since it's the beginning of May I would of been finishing up my finals at Butler. Oh and I almost forgot I got married in June 5 years ago so I would of been finishing up everything for the wedding!!

3. 10 years ago I was doing…. 10 years ago I would of been finishing up my sophomore year of high school, going to prom, working at Bob Evans, and hanging out with my friends.

4. 1 year from now I'll be doing…Hmm maybe pregnant with our 3rd??  Hopefully listing our house on the market.

5. 5 years ago I'll be doing….Well if we don't meet the house goal above for 1 year then we will definitely have met it by 5 Hendrix will be starting 1st grade I think. Let's not bring that up so soon.

6. 10 years from now ill be doing…Oh man I don't even know. My kids will all be in school so probably going to lots of sporting events and other fun stuff.

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