Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-During my 15 day stretch at work I decided to count how many more shifts I had to work in the month of May and June. I only have 8 left in May (of 14 total) and I only work 11 for the whole month of June. I used two vacation days one each in May and June...yep I love my job.

-Yesterday I went outside and filled Hendrix's water table up with fresh water. About an hour later we came outside to play and the water had vanished. Took me a good 5 minutes to figure out where it went...our dog Molly drank it. I only discovered this after I started to fill it back up and she was drinking it as I was filling it up for the 2nd time.

-The peas that I planted forever ago (ok maybe 2 weeks ago) finally started to pop up. I was super worried the birds ate them because I've seen a few hanging out around our planters. Don't worry Hubs is a great shot with a BB gun though so I think they have learned their lesson.

-I bought my first maxi dress this week. I have been wanting to get one now for a really long time, but every time I try them on they are either way too long since I'm only 5'2 or they just don't fit right. I picked this one up from Target of course...already addicted and I must find more.

 Merona® Women's Smocked Scoop Neck Maxi Dress - Assorted Colors

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