Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carson-7 Months

Right now Carson is trying to crawl. Hendrix started crawling at 7 months exactly and I'm kinda glad your still immobile for the most part.  Also I finally saw Carson roll from front to back this month. I knew she could do it, but she likes to be sneaky.  She can also sit up by herself for the most part, but topples over pretty easy when she's reaching for things. She laughs every time she does it though so I'm beginning to think she's falling over on purpose.

Still hating 75% of baby food and the little bit of table food we have tried to give her, but I think she is coming around to it. She also is starting to jabber and drool a lot. No teeth in site though, but I'm fine with that because I love gummy babies.  Carson can hold her own bottle now, which is nice so I guess that makes up for hating baby food.

She is still wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 or 6 months clothes. I did finally put up all the 3 month sleepers even though most of them still fit. At this rate she will still be in 9 month clothes next winter....remember when everything I bought at the end of the season for winter is 12-18 months. This strategy worked with Hendrix, but apparently not with Carson. 

Here are some pictures from the last month:

He loves giving her kisses.

She sleeps in the weirdest positions.

I don't know why it looks like she was crying...

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  1. Can I borrow her? Please? Those cheeks, that smile! Melt my heart!