Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY-Pouf Seat


I'm obsessed with those cute little tuffed seats and floor cushions for kids from Land of Nod, but the price not so much. So I decided to make my own for like 1/4 the price. I found a pretty good tutorial on pinterest so I won't repeat the directions, but I did take some pictures along the way and I did a few things differently which I will make note of.

Herringbone Pouf (Grey)
One-Seater (New Green)
I bought enough fabric, piping, and stuffing to make 2 poufs and spent less than $30 bucks at Jo-anns.   I would suggest not getting a fabric where direction matters if you are a sewing beginner. It's a lot easier if you don't have to worry about matching up your stripes. I picked a chevron fabric not taking this into account and it took me a minute to get everything all matched up.

One of the things I struggled with was trying to get my piping to overlap perfectly.
This is what the piping overlap looks like after it has been sewn.
Sewing the piping onto the strap.
 I think this step was unclear in the tutorial because I don't think the ends are just left un-hemed, but I couldn't figure out what she did with them other than pinning them. So I turned the ends inward and did a no show seam to sew both ends shut before attaching the strap to the pouf.
Sorry I switched fabrics I forgot to take a picture the first time around.

I realize it is really hard to see.

Attached to the pouf.

Strap is attached.
Stuffed and getting ready to sew the opening closed
that was used to stuff it.
I whipped stitched the opening shut that was used to put the stuffing. I made my second pouf a little bit more full with about 32 ounces of stuffing versus about 20 ounces in the first one. There isn't really a huge difference in firmness when sitting on them, but the second one does look more full when no one is sitting on it. 
The right one is the one with more stuffing added.

Sorry for no pictures of them in use. Every time I would try to take Hendrix's picture he would get up, but I guess that's 2 year old for you.

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