Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY-Replacing a Window

We decided to go ahead and get started on redoing our master bedroom  this weekend by replacing the windows.  One of the panes on one of the windows got broken by a rock while mowing the grass probably 2 years ago...yup just now getting around to doing something about it. It wasn't a huge rush since we had double paned windows and it faced the backyard so it wasn't really an eye sore.
When buying a replacement window make sure you measure the rough opening not the actual window to get accurate dimensions. You will also need some screws, caulk, and shims.  
First you need to remove the siding around the window to get to the nails holding the window in.
Old Window.
All the siding surrounding the window has been removed.
The j-channel siding which is the pieces directly around the window has to be removed also. We used a crowbar to do this. After this is removed then use a crowbar to remove the nails that are holding the window into the space.

Set the new window into the space. Use shims to square the window and then screw or nail into place.

Then nail your j-channel siding pieces back around the window. Then replace your siding that you removed to get to the window. On the inside of the window you will have to go around all four sides of the window with caulk. We are doing this later once we are ready to patch spots on the walls and paint. So I'll add pictures of that when its done.

New Window


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