Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

1) This may be my new favorite picture. Hendrix always wants to try and put the bottle in her mouth, but typically loses interest in it pretty quickly. This timeHe was actually super into since she had already eaten and wasn't freaking out. Her look says it all..."Why are you letting him do this to me"

2) Hanging out on the porch.

3) They just remodeled our Kroger and now they have tons of these mini shopping carts for kids. Hendrix loved it of course and was pretty much constantly running with it.  So this is the only picture I got that's not the alcohol aisle.

All of these pictures are from the color run I did last weekend. We all loved it and we are going to do another one in August.

5) Our peas are out of control and they are starting to get blooms on them. I think this is the first thing that we will have ready that I plan on canning and freezing. We have already gotten some radishes, but my Hubs just eats those right away.

6) Little Miss.

7) Apparently eating baby food wore her out because I litterally turned around to throw the jar away and she was out.

8) The other day I let Hendrix outside and I was still in the garage grabbing a drink. When I walked out I couldn't see him and immediately freaked out even though he had been outside less than a minute. So I turned around and he had hidden under the swing where we store his baby pool so it doesn't blow away.
He is such a sneaky little thing.


  1. oh my gosh, you have adorable kids!

  2. Color run was here in Louisville, KY this morning! All the pics from there look so fun... *sigh* I envy your motivation!! And I LOVE the little carts at Kroger - if you buy as much crap there as I do, the extra cart space is actually really helpful! LOL!