Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

1) These two are twins I swear. Hubs couldn't deny she was his if he wanted to.

2) Hendrix thinks everything he does is hilarious. He tore the sticker off one of our coolers and stuck it over his eyes. I'm sure I will get lots of phone calls from his future teachers.

3) Little Miss just hanging out at a graduation party.

4) There was a popcorn maker at the graduation party and Hendrix was in love.
5) That romper Carson is wearing is 3 months..sadly it fits perfectly.

6) First shoulder ride!!

7) Hendrix loves to take peoples seats especially mine.

8) Pool Time.
Last night I went to the Celebrity Charity Softball game with a bunch of co-workers to support the Make a Wish Foundation. Most of the team players were Colts and Pacer players. All of their jerseys had funny sayings on the back instead of names, which were hilarious. The players signed tons of autographs and took pictures with everyone. I love when "famous" people do good things with their time and money.

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