Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

Ok I skipped last week by accident so I had tons of pictures to pick through for this week. We were out of town and I just spaced it.

1-4) A couple of weekends ago Hendrix's friend Max turned two (they are 2 weeks apart) and He had a monster bash. Those cookies were not only adorable, but delicious. I think Max's grandma made them and the cake was from a local bakery.

5) Hendrix is finally expressing interest in getting pictures taken with Carson..that doesn't mean he still won't ignore you once he sit beside her.

6) My mom watched the kids last weekend and she took Hendrix to the Louisville Zoo, which has a splash pad. When my mom told Hendrix it was time to leave he went and hid between some slides and she had to go in after him.

7) Little Miss at the pool one day.

8) I love all of her monogram outfits. I'm thinking of making a shadow box of her hospital stuff and throwing a few of her monogrammed items in there too since it's not like I can re use them.

9) Both Hubs and I were early walkers at 9 months and I have feeling Carson will be too.

10) Riding the train at Holiday World.

11) Obviously the water park wears everybody out, but Hendrix was ready for a nap after only an hour..see that patch of plumbers crack hanging out. Yea that got burnt since I only put sunscreen on his legs and arms...sorry buddy.

12) Posing with Hollidog ( I think that's his name).

13) Hendrix pretty much ate that whole bag of preztel thins yesterday. I get it because those things are addicting.

14) Helping daddy with our new bedroom floor.

15) Little Miss hanging out.

16) I'm so freaking excited for new closet organizers and doors. Before it was hit or miss whether the old doors would fall on you or not each time you opened your closet.


  1. That cake looks amazing! The bakery did a very good job. I did the link up this Friday too :)

  2. I need to go back to Holiday World. We have family in Evansville so a couple years ago we went over. I'm a coaster girl so I loved it.

    Dropping my from the link up.

  3. It's my first time going in like 10 years. I forgot how nice and clean the park was and the free drinks all day doesn't hurt either.