Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Update

No Thursday thoughts this week because I don't really have much going on....ok that was a joke I have a lot going on, but you are getting a garden update instead.  Anyway last week I went strawberry picking at a local farm. We don't grow any type of berries yet because its something that come back every year and we are moving with in the next 2-3 years and don't want to invest in something we wont get to use since they take at least a year to get established.  My friend and I picked about 13 lbs worth.  After we ate some and I made dried strawberries that left me with enough for 2 quart bags and 3 pint containers to freeze.  I'll use the strawberries I froze to make smoothies, pie and homemade popsicles during the winter.

Peas are starting to flower and a couple even have tiny pods on them.

Our 2nd round of carrots.

Our celery is doing amazing. I've heard it's really hard to grow, but
so far we are having a lot of luck with it.

Climbing Peas

Tomato Plants

Zucchini Plants. I should have my first one ready
this weekend!!

Green Beans

First round of corn is about knee high.

2nd round of corn is just popping up and can barely be seen.
Ok so actually you can't really see it this picture.

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