Saturday, June 29, 2013

Target Patio Clearance Haul

Right now Target's patio and garden stuff is anywhere from 30-70%. This includes all the patio furniture, umbrellas, patio lights and gardening supplies. I only found a few things that weren't on clearance yet and I expect they will be within the next week. Most of the stuff I picked up I have been eying for the past couple months hoping to snag it on clearance. Back in May I did break down and buy two folding chairs and a  red plastic Adirondack because we were short on seating for Hendrix's birthday party. I'm still looking for another Adirondack chair for Hubs, but only the red ones are on clearance for $6(regularly $18) for some weird reason, but he will have to make do with a gray or blue one once they go on clearance if I can snag one. I think the rest of the summer stuff clearance such as water guns and toys will start some time after the 4th.

Also everything I bought on clearance also had a Target Cartwheel offer available. I can't even begin to express my love for Cartwheel. I mean come on who wouldn't want 5-15% off tons of products sometimes even more. You can pair it with a target coupon and a manufacturer yea triple whammy. They also just came out with an app so you don't have to pull the website up in safari anymore.  I think the only down side is you can only redeem 4 offers at a time(6 in one day) so if you wont to get the most bang for you buck you have to figure out which 4 offers will save you the most.

Anyways here is what I picked up:

Kids Sling Back Patio Chairs-$4.04 (regularly $14.99)

Watering Can-$13.98 ($24.99) I'm actually going to use this as a vase.

Red Hanging Planter-$4.48 ($9.99) I was able to get 2 of these for our back porch for next year.

Ignore our messy garage. Stuff is still everywhere from the remodel.
Solar Lantern-$8.98 ($17.99)

Sorry this is blurry.
Solar Patio Lights-$16.60 ($24.99)

Patio Lounge Chairs-$22.98 ($84.00) They had tons of these, which makes me wish we had a pool because at $22 each you can't go wrong. I grabbed two of them though for our back yard though.


  1. Such a good haul! I love Target clearances. The solar lights would definitely be my favorite to have on my patio.

  2. now i am debating whether i can get those chairs home with the double stroller tomorrow! i am going to take some rope and check it out.

    yes, i'm totally insane.

    OOH I KNOW! i can take a car seat backpack carrier.

    i'd better go to bed before I lose my mind. thanks for the tip :)