Monday, July 1, 2013

Canning Banana Peppers

Hubs and I decided to can banana peppers and jalapeño peppers this year since every year we have had tons of excess that we were just giving away.  I talked to my grandma and this is how she has always canned them so this isn't an exact recipe by any means, but it depends on how many peppers you have and the size of them.

You will need:
Banana Peppers
Canning Jars with lids and rings (I used 1/2 pint, but you can also use pints)
Garlic cloves(optional)

Boiling the lids and rings.
First slice up all your banana peppers to your preferred thickness. I didn't wear gloves but I was extra careful not to rub anywhere else on my body and washed my hands several times when I was done.

I try to remove the majority of the seeds from ours.
The more seeds there are the spicy they will be.

Then pack them into your empty jars(add a clove of garlic prior to packing the peppers in if desired).  I typically wash my jars with soapy water and then place in the oven at 200 degrees while I'm cutting up whatever I'm canning. You can also place them in boiling water on the stove.

While you are cutting your peppers up get a 1:1 mixture of vinegar to water boiling on the stove. I did 3 cups vinegar and 3 cups water.  I probably could of gotten away with half this amount of liquid, but I'd rather throw some away then have to wait on more to  boil.

After your peppers are packed tightly into the jars add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to a 1/2 pint or 1/2 teaspoon of salt to a pint jar. I used 1/2 pints because this size works good for us.

Begin to ladle the water/vinegar mixture into each jar leaving 1/2 inch headspace (area from top of liquid to rim of jar).

Then remove all the air bubbles from the jar. You can use a butter knife to do this and you may have to add more liquid after doing this. Then secure the lid tightly with a ring and the lids will seal on their own as the jars cool down. You can remove the rings once the jars are completely cooled off and I label my lids with the year so we use the oldest first. We typically wait at least 2 weeks before eating them also.

Removing the air bubbles.

Also I post my jalapeño recipe once I have some ready to can.

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  1. I love this! Great canning idea! Visiting from the Inspire Me blog hop! Feel free to also link this one up at our Red, White & BBQ Ladies Only Blog Share link party which is now live! :)

  2. One of m jars has not sealed - What do I need to do?

    1. If one doesn't seal. Place it in the refrigerator and use it first as though you bought it at the store.

  3. What is the reasoning for boiling/baking the jars? Is it a necessary step? I'm new to canning!

    1. I use it as a way to ensure they are clean, but also so when you pour the hot liquid over the peppers or other vegetables you aren't pouring it into a cold jar which could cause the glass to crack.

  4. Is there a reason you do not can them in a water bath? Most recipes say to process 10 minutes.