Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY-Caulking a Window

I explained earlier how to replace a window and we finally got around to caulking the inside during our master bedroom renovation. We wanted to paint the room before caulking around the window. Caulking is pretty easy for the most part, but for some reason I think it's very daunting. Probably because once it's on a surface it is rather difficult to remove.

Before caulking.

First run a line of caulk. Less is more when it comes to caulk because it will spread out when you are smoothing it out and you can always go back to add more.  You can use this same technique for caulking most things also.  
Doesn't look that good right now, but we can fix that.  
Take your index finger and apply slight pressure as you run it along the line of caulk. You may periodically need to wipe off the caulk that gathers on your finger. Paper towels work best for this since they are disposable.
Sorry it's hard to see the actual caulk in this picture.

If you need to go back and fill in some spaces to even up the caulk you can. It takes about 24 hours to dry so make sure not to disturb it until then.

Caulk job complete!!

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