Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY-Closet Shelving

I have been longing for a closet organizer for a long time now. Probably ever since we moved into our house, but I knew we were going to eventually renovation our master bedroom so I didn't want to have Hubs install it just to turn around and rip it back out. All the organizers we looked at were outrageously priced. My only requirement was to have some shelves for shoes, jeans and purse along with a place to hang my clothes. I decided to keep things simple and just designed a shelving unit that we could stain to match the rest of the wood in our house to supplement the cloths rack.

I designed the shelving unit to be 6 foot tall and 12 inches deep and 14 inches across with 5 shelves at various distances from each other.

12ft  1 X 12 (This will be cut in half to create the 2 6 foot sides of the shelving unit)
6 ft 1 X 12 (This will be used to create the shelves)

Cut your 12 foot board in half to create each side of the shelving unit . Then decide how wide you want your unit to be. Ours is 14 inches across and we settled on 5 shelves. 

Both side pieces.

After all the pieces were cut we stained and lacquer all of them. We used Varathane wood stain in Gunstock No. 263

Assemble an upside down "U" and once you do this is you can play around with where you want the rest of your actual shelves. We drilled pilot holes to prevent the wood from cracking. We used wood glue and drywall screws to attach the shelves after we did the pilot holes.

Playing around with the shelving spacing.

Excuse everything in the background.

Installing the shelves.
Here's what the shelves look like now, although I don't have everything on them yet since all my sweaters are packed up for the summer.  

I purposely spaced those bottom two shelves so my boots would fit on them.


  1. Love these DIY shelves in the closet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks I'm loving them so far!! Half the price and twice as nice as the ones at the store.