Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I had to work so we didn't really do anything exciting and my mom took the kids for the week/weekend since our babysitter was closed for the holiday.I think the most exciting thing that happened was a huge tree branch snapped off from our maple tree. It pretty much rained all evening up until about 8:30 at our house. Hubs tried to get us Penn Station, but they were dare they. So we got Panera instead.

1) I love when she gives me dirty looks. She rarely does unlike Hendrix gives them out like candy. 

2) I swear he asks for a cookie about 80 times a day which is actually less than the amount of times he ask if he can go outside.

3) Hendrix put one his diving rings on her head and she wore that bad boy for a good 20 minutes. Guess she knows she really is an angel.

4) Playing at the poo.

5) We went to our neighbors birthday dinner last weekend and Little Miss just took it upon herself to read the menu.

6) I love when they play together.

7) This is one of Hendrix's new favorite things to do...feed Carson. She has gotten to eat so much more table food earlier because of him.

8) She went a little crazy with the blueberries and raspberries the other day.

9-10) My Great Grandma is turning 100 in a couple of weeks, so they invited her to be the Grand Marshal of the Fourth of July parade. She just thought this was the greatest thing ever.

11) So I picked up this watering can as part of my target clearance finds hoping it would work for some of my long stemmed flowers that we have growing. No other vase we have is really tall enough to hold them and this works perfect.

12) Little Miss is sitting up so good now.

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  1. How awesome is that about your great grandma??? What a blessing for her and (all of you!) to make it to 100!! Love it!!

    Stopped by from the link up! Your kids are adorbs!! :)