Thursday, July 11, 2013

Master Bedroom Renovation .

I'm going to go ahead and admit our master bedroom was bad. We had pretty much left it for last because no one ever saw it and the time we spend in there is to sleep leaving it at the bottom of the totem pole.  Also I didn't clean anything at all when I took the before pictures because yea I wasn't going to waste my time cleaning the room when we were about to dissemble all the furniture and move it else where. Also the reason my closet doors are already missing is because the water pipe that leads to our outside spigot burst about a month ago and flooded my closet. We had to rip out some drywall that was ruined and rip up the carpet that was in my closet. Hubs went ahead and took done the closet doors when the flood emergency occurred.  About 2 weeks ago he also went ahead and put in the new windows.

View from the bathroom.

View from the bed.

View from the window.

View from the hallway.

Another view from the bathroom.
So right after these pictures were taken we started moving everything out. We had to take apart our bed and the large dresser with the mirror attached to get them out of the room. Then we ripped up the carpet and the pad along with all the old trim.  After everything was out Hubs started to spackle...yea that was a lot of spackling. I think it was the most we have ever had to do in one room.

Starting to spackle all the holes in the wall and mess up spots

After lots of sanding and more spackling we finally got to paint. We painted the ceiling and closets white because for some reason when we bought out house the people selling it decided to paint the entire house including the ceilings all one color which was a dingy off white. Then we painted the walls valspar's polished silver from Lowes. Somehow I forgot to take any pictures after we painted the walls. We did buy the paint when they had $5 per gallon rebates offered.

You can see the dingy off white the entire house was painted still on
the walls.

After the paint was dry Hubs caulked the windows and layed the new flooring. We did the same wood laminate that we have through out the rest of our house. About every 3 months Menards runs it on sale along with a rebate offer to get the underlayment pad for free. Since the pad is about $100 we took full advantage of this and actually bought the flooring about 2 months in advance. The flooring is Tarkets Rochester Hickory and is very easy to install. First you lay down your pad or you can buy flooring with it already attached but it is more expensive for that type. You always run your padding in the opposite direction of your flooring and just duck tape(gray lines in the picture) the pieces side by side.

Flooring complete.

Stay tuned for Part II.

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