Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Target Summer Clearance Haul Part II

If you missed it here's what I got while things were still 50% off. Hubs graciously picked up this round of stuff for me since I was in Florida visiting my grandpa who had a stroke. He did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I plan on scouring some stores though once they hit 90% and hope to return several things I bought at 50% and 70% off if I find them at 90%.

Metal Rake-$2.09(70%)
Metal Shovel-$2.09 (70%)

Chalk-a-doos-$.89 (70%)
Bubble Whistle-$.89 (70%)

 Water Guns-$2.39 (70%) There is conviently a water gun for each of us...This means war.
 Banzai Water Animal Floats-$2.99(70%) I got one for each of the kids.

Beach Ball-$.89 (70%)
Swim Set-$2.39 (70%)
Beach Ball-$.89 (70%)
 Motorized Water Gun-$2.99(70%)  Yup we each have one of these too.

Folding Lawn Chair-$3.89(70%) Hubs found 4 of these red lawn chairs and I don't know about anybody else, but it doesn't matter how expensive the lawn chair is it will end up broken within 2 summers. So cheap lawn chairs are more than welcome at our house.

Kids Umbrella-$2.99 (70%) Who couldn't resist a little umbrella which will go nicely with the lawn chairs I picked up for the kids during the patio clearance.
Pool Float-$1.49 (70%)
Wonder Women Baby Float-$2.99 (70%) I'm betting Carson will love this baby float.
Wiffle Balls-$.89(70%) These wiffle balls are intended for our dog Molly.
Jump Rope-$.59 (70%) I'm hoping I can find some more of these at 90% off because these would work perfect for birthday goody bags.
Beach Towel and Tote-$3.89 (70%)
Beach Toy Set-$1.19(70%)
 Metal Pail-$1.19 (70%) Carson needed her own set of gardening tools.
Metal Gardening Set-$1.49 (70%)
Metal Watering Can-$1.79(70%)
Plastic Cups-$1.64 (50%)
Press'n Seal-$1.49 (50%)

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