Friday, July 26, 2013

Target Summer Clearance Haul Part III

All the stores by me finally got down to 90% off. Here's what I already picked up at 50% and 70% off. Some of the stuff I bought at earlier I found at 90% off so I went ahead and bought it and then returned it with the receipt with the higher price.

Serving Papers-$.39(90%) I picked up 4 packages of these because earlier this summer I bought those little baskets they serve kids meals in at the dollar spot for a pack of 3. Next summer I plan on surprising the kids with fun meals in them.
 Metal Flatware Caddy-$3.59(70%) I originally wanted the red one so when I found this one I snatched it up. I'm going to use the other red, white and blue one I got for the kids craft supplies.

Strawberry Marshmallows-$.14(90%) These will make a great snack for Hendrix and we might even try making strawberry s'mores with them.

 Bubble Whistler-$.89(70%) I was happy to find another one so we will have 2 for next summer.
 Sprinkles-$.39(90%) You can always use more sprinkles!!

Round Tablecloth-$.99(90%)

 Metal Pails-$.39(90%) I plan on using these as goody bags for the kids birthday parties. I was already debating between hot pink/orange or hot pink/purple for Carson's 1st birthday party and I think I solved my color scheme dilemma...
Press'n Seal-$.29(90%)
Cling Wrap-$.29(90%)
 Adult Captain Camping Chair-$1.49(90%) This was actually still sitting in the clearance aisle. I'm guessing no one bought because they thought it was misplaced. I also thought it was misplaced until I scanned it!!

Large Beach Umbrella-$1.29(90%)
 Plastic Pitcher-$.79 Pitchers get gross after awhile and since Hubs likes his sweet tea ours become stained.
 Chalk-a-doos-$.29(90%) I actually ended up with 6 packs of these. These will be split up and put into the birthday goody bags at some point.
 Glow in the dark power balls-$.90 (70%) Great rainy day project.

 Sunscreen-$1.39(90%) So these all actually ended up being free because I had a ton of coppertone coupons...actually they were better than free because I had $7.00 of coupons for them that they took off my total amount.
 Banzai Alligator-$.99(90%)
Pillsbury Cake Mix-$.16 (90%) I will probably end up making this for a work pitch in. One of my techs wife is having a baby and it would be convenient if it was a girl...just saying.
Pillsbury Frosting-$.14 (90%)

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  1. I love those pails! Perfect to goodies "bags". And OMG, have you tried that cake mix? We made it yesterday. That was something else! So tart!