Saturday, July 20, 2013

Target Summer Clearance Haul

So here is what I have picked up so far on summer clearance. These are all things I really wanted hence I bought them while only marked 50% off. I'm sure I will pick up a few more things once things are 70% or 90%. I have just been eyeing these things all summer waiting for them to go on clearance to get for the kids.

 Garden Tool Set-$2.49 (50%) Hendrix has been dying for these all summer. He loves playing in our garden and most of the other kids sets are plastic.

 Beach Bucket Set-$1.99 (50%) We are headed to Florida in the near future and this is the perfect little size to pack with us.

 Glad Press'n Seal-$1.49 (50%) We were conveniently out of press'n seal so this was a no brainer. I just grabbed one, but I hope to grab more once things are 70% off.
Water Blaster-$2.49 (50%) I just wanted this...

 Metal Watering Can-$1.99(The cashier rang this up wrong because it is originally $5.99. I think she rang up the pail twice instead which was cheaper.)
Metal Pail-$1.99(50%)
 4th of July Bib-$0.98 (75%) Carson can always use another bib at the rate she spits up and since it doesn't say 4th of July anywhere on it I was more than happy to snap this up.

 Metal Picnic Caddy-$5.99 (50%) I was hoping to get one of these once things were marked further down, but this was the last one left so I decided to go ahead and snatch it up. We eat outside 2-3 times a week and I'm tired of making so many trips to and from the kitchen.

Beach Tote-$4.19 (30%) This was also the last one left and I have been waiting all summer to snag one to carry our water toys to the pool. We have been using a plastic Target bag all summer...

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