Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Happy 4th of July!! Hope everyone has some awesome cookout plans because I will be stuck at work. It's typically a pretty busy day for us because people tend to get drunk and do stupid things, which means lots of donated organs(We have a HUGE transplant program at my hospital). At least we are having a pitch in because good food always makes everything better.

-I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that our bedroom is done. We do still have a few decorating things to finish up such as updating pictures that are in the frames, but so far I couldn't be happier with everything we have done. Plus we are one step closer to having our house market ready.

-We did some fireworks last night with Hendrix since my mom is taking the kids for the rest of the week. His expression was priceless. At first he was so unsure and then he was like these may be the best thing ever invented. 

Of course the smoking ones were his favorite.

Snaps are his new love.

-Big Brother is already getting crazy and I love it. I think Hubs is routing for Spencer and I'm pulling for McCrae. Also I have decided that Aaryn is a trouble maker, so I want her to stick around for a

-On  a sad note Butler basketball coach Brad Stevens took the Boston Celtics head coaching job. I'm kinda disappointed that he made the jump to the NBA. He was such an inspiration to young men and I don't feel like him coaching grown men is going to be a good use of his coaching method. Hopefully we do ok this season with a new coach and a new conference.


  1. I'm a Boston Celtics fan and I am pretty happy with Brad Stevens being the coach now. I was sad to see Doc go but this will be a good change I hope. Since Celtics dumped everybody he'll be rebuilding the team and will be working with a lot of just out of college players.
    Big Brother IS crazy. I love Elissa so far. I am so not a fan of aryn and I'm glad David's gone.

    1. I wasn't a fan of David either and can't stand Aaryn.