Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-Things have been crazy around here. My grandpa had a stroke so I ended up taking the kids to Florida sporadically to visit. Flying alone with 2 kids under 2 is not for the weak. We spent a good 20 minutes at security going each way while all of stuff got the pat down...pretty positive everyone in line behind us was giving us the evil eye.

-Even with going to Florida I managed to get a pretty good haul from Target's summer clearance with some help from Hubs. Heres Part 1 and 2, but I haven't found time yet to post part 3....maybe this weekend.

-Our garden is going strong and I have been canning like mad. Canning has pretty much taken over any spare time I even had...not that I even had that much to begin with.

Got our first batch of corn, which was about 20 ears.

We have tons of cherry tomatoes and I gifted some to our neighbors.
-So if your watching Big Brother, but didn't watch last nights episode then stop reading now.................................ok so how can Elissa go from being the MVP for 3 weeks in a row to being picked as the 3rd nominee by America?? I'm sure Aaryn got the most votes, but she was already on the block so it just moved on down the line to the person with the next highest amount of votes which turned out to be Elissa?? I just don't get it.


  1. Ok so I read a post about how they think Elissa was nominated. Take for example that 150 people vote each week. If 75 of those are Elissa fans and vote then she will be MVP each week well then take this week and if the 75 that normally vote for her voted for someone else and the 75 that normally don't vote for her did then she would be the nominee. Of course I know my numbers come out in a tie but you get the idea with how it could happen. Does that help you? It made so much more sense to me when I read it. LOL

  2. I hope your Grandpa's feeling better! Flying with two kids is so stressful, glad you made it through!

    And... totally jealous of your canning skillz!

    (dropping by from the Thursday Thoughts Linkup)

  3. Oooh I'd love to grow things like you. Maybe one day! Saying hi from the linkup. :)

    ~Msry @ ((little fat notebook))

  4. I was thinking that america thought they were voting Elissa for MVP not to be up for evection

  5. OMG that garden! I better not show my husband! He will be jealous!