Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY-Kitchen Counter Transformation

Its no lie that our kitchen sucks. I mean its composed of 1980's classics because its never been updated so who wouldn't want that. Shortly after we moved in we pulled up the carpet...yes there was carpet in the kitchen and laid ceramic tile. At the same time we took down the chair rail and painted the whole kitchen. We kinda left it at that the because we had bigger projects to tackle that would make the house more gutting the 2 bathrooms. So here we are today and we want to put our house on the market soonish (maybe in a month or year or two) and knew that our kitchen needed to be updated if we wanted to make any money at all.  Like most of our renovations we wanted to keep it cheap especially since we personally weren't going to be getting tons of use out of whatever we decided to do. I think I heard about Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations on HGTV or Lowes, doesn't really matter because we paid for everything our selves. We did purchase the kit at Lowes for about $160 which is clearly way cheaper than new countertops. There is 5 or 6 colors to choose from  and we went with Desert Sand.  The kit is supposed to do 50square feet and we only used about half the kit.

Before pictures of our lovely "wood/laminate" countertops. 

Old Sink that we replaced while working on the countertops.

We had to remove the old caulk in between the edge
of the countertop and the wall.

After all the old caulk was removed we taped everything all off. The directions say to sand everything first and then tape the counters off. We didn't have any issues though doing it in reverse.

Then hubs starting sanding, which has to be done until there is no more gloss left on the countertops. This took him about 30 minutes I believe.

We removed the sink at the last minute and then sanded the rest of the countertop around it.

It's hard to tell in the picture with the lighting, but the gloss is all gone.

Then we applied the colored base coat, which is what adheres those colored specks that make the countertop look more like stone.

Hubs applying the color chips. I would liken that hand held machine to a grass seed spreader. Those colored specks go everywhere.

Those colored flakes were a huge @ss mess.
No joke those flakes were the worst part
of transformation.
After the colored flakes had been applied and waiting for it to dry overnight to sand the countertop smooth. It was very gritty with lots of those colored specks EVERYWHERE.

After the base coat and colored flecks dry for 12 hours then you sand the countertops until they are almost smooth. The kit comes with a sample piece of what the sanded countertop should feel like.
Up close after it was sanded.

 Then you apply the glossy top coat. You only have 4 hours to do this so if you have a large area you will definitely need help, but since our kitchen is pretty small it took Hubs maybe 30 minutes alone to apply it.

 You have to let the top coat dry for at least 48 hours before lightly using it which is anything less than 5lbs on top of it. We couldn't go much longer without a kitchen sink and decided to re-install it at the 48 hours mark instead of waiting the full 7 days to use anything over 5lbs.
New sink not a huge upgrade, but it is 1 inch deeper.

New sink with a way better faucet and a dish sprayer.
So our countertop is finished for the most part. We do have to re-caulk along the edge, but are waiting to do that after we touch up the paint. We are refinishing the kitchen cabinets in less than 2 weeks and then will touch up the paint through out the kitchen afterwards. We are touching up the paint in the living room at the same time because we had some marks on the walls from when we had baby gates up for Hendrix. He is now strong enough to just break them (he broke 2 $80 metal baby gates) or push them over. So now he has full run of the house and it sucks because he drags his toys everywhere. 

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