Monday, September 30, 2013

Garage Landscaping Part III

Here's what the new flower bed beside our garage did look like last. We decided to grow pumpkins and gourds in it this summer before we officially made it into a flower bed.

Those plants were out of control.

Some of our bounty.

For some reason I was thinking we would get more out of the plants I planted. This was our first time growing them so I really didn't know what to expect though. After I picked all the gourds I made Hubs clear out the flower beds because there were all these weird bugs millions of them. He discovered they were stink bugs that eat pumpkins and gourds. Nothing a little seven dust couldn't take care of.

After all the vines were removed.

Then Hub's added 4 more big bags of potting soil.

 Then covered the whole flower bed with black tarp to prevent weeds...whoever invented this stuff was a genius by the way.

I couldn't decided exactly what bulbs I wanted to plant over here so I went a little bulb crazy and we ended up with 75 bulbs total...and yes we planted them all.  I figured you can never have enough just in case some don't grow.  We already had a couple of Easter lilly's planted on each end of the flower bed that we received back in April for Easter. We also planted 5 hostas (all different) among the tulip bulbs.
When Robby went to pick up mulch the back loader was broken so the owner said if Robby wanted to shovel his own mulch he could have it for free...can't beat that. 
Spreading mulch

You can see the grass we planted in the spring
in the background.

Also there were petunias growing in those black pots
 hanging off the fence
but they are long dead now.
 Here's to hoping all those bulbs come up next spring!!! The final outdoor project which will be occurring next spring is refinishing our deck.


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  1. That looks amazing! We need to do something like that here!