Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Carson-11 Months

I feel like Carson grew up overnight. All of sudden she developed her own little personality. It takes a lot to make her mad, but once she is mad then she will be upset for a good 20 minutes and there will be no calming her down.

She is still wearing size 3 diapers and 6 month sleepers(although the sleeves are getting short). We have been putting 9 month outfits on her since all the 6 month stuff was summer(which I finally put up), although they are still a little bit big. It's so weird to be asking for 9 month clothing for her first birthday. The majority of the stuff I bought on clearance last year for winter is 12-18 months, so I'm doubting it will fit this year, but at the rate she is going it will fit next winter!!  We have been trying to put shoes on her to get her used to them and she is wearing a size 2 in shoes.

A third tooth is finally coming it. It's the top right front tooth.

This week we discovered she hates tuna salad. Robby was trying to feed it to her and she spit the first bit our and then refused to open her mouth. So Robby thought that she wanted to feed herself so he gave her the plate with the sandwich pieces on it and she immediately threw it back at him. 

Girlfriend is still working on trying to walk, but seriously no rush Carson. 

Here are some pictures from last month: 

Just destroying the living room together.
Loves to swing.
Finally decided that sippy cups were cool.
Pumpkin Baby
Thinking about making some phone calls.

Matching skeleton babies.

Hendrix wasn't having the pictures on this particular day.

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