Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall/Halloween Decorations

Here's a run down of all of our fall and Halloween decorations for this year. I made several new things this year to add to our collection. We grew our own gourds this year, which I'm pretty proud of. Our pumpkins didn't do so hot....aka they died so we did have to buy some. Hendrix tried to convince us to buy just about every pumpkin he saw.  Anyway back to the decorations that I added this year.

 First up was our new Halloween Wreath, which I'm in love with.

I also made several of these fabric pumpkins to set around the house. They are super easy to make and a cheap project.

Here is what our little front porch area looked like prior to Hubs semi killing our mums. He put seven dust on everything to get rid of the bugs that were attacking our gourds and pumpkins, which in turn ended up stunting our mums. They are just now finally starting to look like they might bloom again.

Tonight we carved pumpkins with Hendrix. Last year I actually bought some legit kits to attempt to do something fancier than our typically triangle faces.  I picked out Elmo for Carson and Hendrix picked out a crow in a graveyard. Hendrix then proceeded to break part of the nose off Elmo right after I finished carving it.

Baby in a pumpkin!!!

Elmo and the blackbird

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