Friday, October 4, 2013

Garden Haul 2013


The garden and all of our canning is pretty much wrapped up for the season. We had a pretty good year for the most part. Raccoons got into our corn and got most of it so that was frustrating and it means I will actually have to buy some canned corn this winter. I still have some target bags of whole frozen tomatoes in the deep freezer I need to do something with, but those will have to wait because October is crazy for us. They will probably end up being made into salsa. The only other thing I do plan on canning more of is applesauce and apple butter. I have already done two batches of applesauce and I have the first batch of apple butter in the crock pot right now.

Anyway here's the total of everything I've done so far:
-26 quarts of green beans
-7 pints of green beans
-8 pints of banana peppers
-9 1/2 pints of banana peppers
-4 pints of corn :(
-6 pints of spaghetti sauce
-12 1/2 pints of pizza sauce
-3 quarts of cinnamon apples
-5 pints of blackberries
-5 pints of applesauce
-1 1/2 pint of applesauce
-4 pints salsa
-12 quarts halved tomatoes
-12 pints pickle relish
-17 1/2 pints pickle relish
Empty area is for more apple butter and apple sauce.

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