Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day!!!

Here's the kids cute little shirts from Turkey Day this year. Clearly a good picture together wasn't in their plans. I completely forgot to take any other pictures other than these. We went to my grandma Rosie's house to eat and then Hubs and I went shopping.



Sunday, November 24, 2013

Look Whoooo's 1!!!

Little Miss is 1!! Her party was a blast and all my hard work on everything turned out perfect. She got sooo much stuff. Now she finally has some girl toys to play with.

Her shirt I ordered off Etsy. For the printable decorations I bought a customized packaged of Etsy and then printed some things at office depot and the rest at my house.  I also purchased the invitations from the same shop.

 I hung up her monthly pictures for everyone to see.

The cake was made by Sugar Mamas of course and the cookies were made by a friend of a friend.

For the goodie buckets I used a lot of stuff I had gotten on  Clearance at Target. I made the little stuffed owl favors and I used this template to do so. I spent $25.00 on the supplies for the owls and had lots of material and felt leftover.

I used some of the leftover felt to make a felt circle garland banner.

This is the gift table before anyone even actually got was
overflowing by the time everyone got there.

After we opened presents Carson devoured her cake. She was all about t after the first few bites.
Carson and her BFF Loralei.
Carson looks huge compared to Loralei.

Obviously Hubs put her headband on in all
of these pictures hence it's on her forehead...

She tried to grab the flame of course.

Girlfriend needed a bath after her cake smash.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Carson-12 Months/1 Year

I'm in denial that little miss is actually turning one today, although I am excited to be done with formula. Carson just seems so much more like a baby still compared to when Hendrix turned one. It really seemed like he was already a  toddler when he turned one. I don't think its that she's so much smaller than he was either.  I am sooo excited for her party today and I think its going to be a blast!!!

Carson is still wearing size 3 diapers and finally into 9-12 months clothes. Mostly 9 month stuff though.  Still wearing size 2 shoes also.

She still isn't a 100% on walking, but she's working on it.  She has 4 teeth now 2 on top and the 2 on bottom. She can wave and clap now. She is always giggling too.

Girlfriend is into everything....I Seriously don't remember Hendrix getting into so much stuff. She loves to watch you do her hair in the mirror and will clap for you once your done. I can't wait for her hair to get longer and I can start braiding it and playing with it.

At her 1 year check up she weighed 22lbs(80%) and was 28 inches tall(10%).

Here are some pictures from the past month:

After decorating the tree.

Carson has good style..
Her oddly placed piggies.

Carson actually keeps her cloths on.

Wearing Hendrix hand me downs.
Stole Brothers cup.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Gatlinburg Trip Part II

I detailed the first part of our vacation here...ok more like I photo bombed you.

Anyway Wednesday we spent going to some of the shops in downtown Pigeon Forge. We spent a lot of time in Cowboy boot shops.  We ate at Mamas Farmhouse for lunch. It's one of my favorite restaurants down there..all you can eat home cooking right up my alley. Afterwards we headed to the indoor water park that is associated with the resort.

She pretty much slept through the entire thing.

Someone decided to wake up and get 20 minutes in.

Thursday we spent shopping downtown Gatlinburg. After nap time we headed back downtown to trick or treat. You can check that out here.

Friday was spent mostly hanging out around the resort. After nap time and a early dinner we headed to Ripley's Aquarium. Hendrix loves anything to do with water so he had a blast.
I was in love with this polka dot sting ray.

Little Miss just hanging out.

Pointing to the Eel.

Petting stingrays

Hendrix was terrified of this dinosaur.

Saturday it was time to head home sadly. We stopped at some Targets for our bathroom breaks to do some clearance shopping....I just couldn't resist.