Monday, November 4, 2013

Target Halloween Clearance Part II

 Things went 70% off yesterday so in-between the mountains of laundry we brought back from vacation I hit up the two Targets closest to me. They were very picked over, so I'm happy we stopped  at all those Targets on the way home from Gatlinburg. The food items went to 50% also.  I'm hoping to go to the one in the scary part of town today sans children.

Halloween Bubbles(70%)-$2.40 These will be great split up into goodie bags.
Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix(50%)-$0.58
Halloween Metal Pails(70%)-$0.30 I'm not going to lie I hope I can find a bunch of these at 90% off so I can return some of these, but it was already slim pickings when I was out today so I decided to go ahead and grab them. These will make great goodie bags next year for the kids school.
Solo Paper Plates(70%)-$0.89

Solo Paper Bowls(70%)-$0.89

Halloween Dog Treats(70%)-$1.49

Here's is the rest of the stuff I picked up at 70% off today. I went to the scary Target and it was a bust for the first time ever. :(
Cheese Ball Snack Packs(50%)-$2.49 These will be great for the kids and for our lunches.
J.O.Y. PJ Set(70%)-$4.49 These are a 2T, so now I have 18mo, 2T, 3T, and 5T.  I found a store yesterday with a ton of them so I'm hoping to replace all for sets with ones that I buy when they are 90% off.

Mickey Board Book Sets(70%)-$0.89 I can't believe I actually found three sets of these.

Halloween Treat Bags(70%)-$0.59

Halloween Tattoo Packs(70%)-$1.20 These are going to be perfect in the goodie bags next year.

Bounty Napkins(70%)-$0.89
 Mini Play-Doh Packs(70%)-$1.49
Bat Place mats(70%)-$0.89
Pumpkin Cake Pan(70%)-$2.99

Mini Halloween Erasers(70%)-$0.30 Another great item for goodie bags.

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