Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Target Halloween Clearance Part III

Target #2 Total $12
The Halloween items finally went 90% off today and food was 70%. I think this is the first time I have actually seen there be any food left once it's 70% off. The two stores I went to this morning both had lots of food left and tons of candy.  You can see what I already bought at 50% and 70% off also. Anything I bought at 50% or 70% that I bought again today will be getting returned.

Target #1 Total $17
J.O.Y Girls Halloween PJ Set(90%)-$1.49 My store seriously had like 15 sets of these left. I replaced the 18mo, 2T, 3T, and 5T I bought when things were more expensive(I will be returning the more expensive ones). I also grab a 12mo for a friend. Sadly I didn't see a single boy set.

Retro Robot Costume(90%)-$3.00 Hendrix just might be a robot next year and if not this will be great for dress up.

Disney Planes Costume(90%)-$3.00 This is more than likely what Hendrix will actually be next year. He' getting this movie from Santa...keep that a secret.  

Disney Princess Sophia Costume(90%)-$2.00 I'm going to go a head and admit I have no idea who Princess Sophia is. I do know that this is a 2T and what 2 year old girl doesn't like playing dress up and pretending to be a princess.

Little Honeybee 12-24MO Costume(90%)-$2.50 Carson will have the option of being a ladybug or a honeybee next year.

Jell-O Jigglers Halloween Molds(70%-)$0.89 I went ahead and gave this mold a test drive and made some jigglers tonight after the kids went to bed...couldn't resist since it came with the Jell-O.
Annie's Halloween Bunny Grahams(70%)-$2.09 Hendrix loves these stupid bunnies so I'm sure all these will be gone within one week.

Halloween Fruit Roll-ups(70%)-$0.79

Utz Halloween Pretzel Treats(70%)-$1.49
Harvest Bead Sprinkles(70%)-$0.89

Plastic Divided Plates(90%)-$0.29 I got three of these plates and I will be returning the 2 I previously bought.
Toddler Straw Cups(90%)-$0.29-$0.39 Hendrix will loves these next year especially the cups with the twisting puzzles on them.  There was enough of these cups that I could of bought 30 of the pumpkin head ones if I wanted to and still have left some on the shelves. 

Halloween Cup Cake Tins(90%)-$0.19

Silly String(90%)-$0.30 Hendrix will get a kick out of this. It was raining tonight so hopefully he gets to use it tomorrow.

Halloween Glow Stick Wands(90%)-$0.30 I ended up with 17 of plenty for goodie bags next year.

Halloween Glow Stick Glasses(90%)-$0.30 I think I ended up with 7 of these. Another great item for goodie bags.

DIY Spooky Foam Wand(90%)-$0.20 Great craft for Carson next year.

I still can't believe how much stuff was left when things went 90%. Now I'm super excited for Christmas Clearance. I have already seen a few decorations that I'm definitely going to try to grab while things are 50% off. Christmas decorations go pretty quick. The last two years I actually was at Target when the doors opened and there was a line to get in both years.  2 years ago we bought a new pre-lit 12 Foot Christmas tree .  Last year we needed new outdoor lights and I bough a whole bunch of ornaments to make a ornament wreath(hopefully working on this next week).


  1. Love your over achiever ways. Wish you would invite me to come with!!!!!

  2. i was at the mall tonight & didn't think of going to target. d'oh! i think target waaaay overstocked on halloween! i've never seen repeated hauls like this before!