Sunday, November 3, 2013

Target Halloween Clearance

On our way back from Gatlinburg I convinced Hubs that our driving/bathroom breaks could be done at Targets. So we ended up stopping at a couple on the way back. Food was 30% and all the other Halloween stuff was 50%. I'll take any kind of discount I can get on food. A lot of the Halloween stuff I'm hoping to find at 70% or 90% at the stores by me, but I went ahead and bought it just in case I didn't.
Goldfish Snack Packs(30%)-$3.49
Goldfish Jug(30%)-$5.24
Fruit Roll ups(30%)-$1.86

Spider Web(50%)-$1.50
Pirates Booty Snack Packs(30%)-$4.89

Market Pantry Fruit Snacks(30%)-$4.89
J.O.Y Girls Pj's(50%)-$7.49 I ended up finding 18 mo, 3T and 5T, but have yet to find a single boy set.
Bounty Paper Towels(50%)-$1.99

Halloween Table Clothes(50%)-$1.50 I will probably use the orange ones at Carson's birthday party and end up randomly using the other ones.

Angie's Kettle Corn Snack Packs(30%)-$4.89
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese(30%)-$0.86 Apparently this was buy 3 get 1 free on sale at Target last week because when I looked at my receipt one box rang up free.
Nabisco Cookie Snack Pack Mix(30%)-$5.99

Quaker Granola Bars(30%)-$3.49

Lucky Charms Treats(30%)-$3.49

Pumpkin Tea lights(50%)-$2.00

Philips Purple & Orange lights(50%)-$6.00 We use Halloween lights year round on our patio. All of ours died last year so we needed replacements.

Pumpkin Lights(50%)-$3.00
Solo Paper Plates(50%)-$1.49
Puff Kleenex(50%)-$1.49

Halloween cardboard buckets(50%)-$1.50 We already have 2 of these and I figured 2 more couldn't hurt
Disney Princess Carving Kit(50%)-$3.00

Bat Craft Kit(50%)-$2.50
Lady Bug Costume 12-24MO (50%)-$12.50

Halloween Jumpsuit 18mo (50%)-$4.49 I'm hoping Carson can wear this next year. At the rate she has been going this should easily fit.

Pumpkin Plates(50%)-$1.25
Hand Towel(50%)-$1.99
Cookie Cutters(50%)-$0.49
Halloween plates(50%)-$1.49

Kool-Aid Jammers(30%)-$3.28

I mostly picked up food stuff because I don't mind buying it at only 30% off. If I find it again when its 50% I'll just buy more because we will eat it plus most of it doesn't expire until fall of 2014. All of this I picked up at random Targets in TN and KY.

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