Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Target Christmas Clearance Part II

Our Targets finally hit 70% off yesterday!! I seriously though it was never going to happen. I went a little crazy

Cloth Bin(70%)-$1.79 I'm going to pair this with the other one I already picked up for some toy storage in the living room. Eventually I could see these ending up in our bathroom which is in greys and blacks.

Starbucks Refillable Espresso Tumbler(70%)-$22.50 I couldn't believe my luck when I went into the Target Starbucks. I figure these would of all been long gone at 50% off, but there was still 3 at my Target. Basically everyday in January you take your tumbler to Starbucks and they will fill it with any grande beverage you want for FREE. Possibilities are endless...white chocolate mocha, peppermint mocha, Carmel macchiato.

J.O.Y. PJ Set(70%)-$4.49 These are for my friend's daughter.

Lip Smacker Polish & Chap Stick Sets(70%)-$1.49 These will make great little gifts next year. 
Stuffed Doll(70%)-$1.50 Hendrix picked this up for Carson.
Can you really ever have enough of these???
Red Plastic Table Cloths(70%)-$1.20 There were tons of these left and I'm hoping there are still some left when things got 90%.

Nordic Cookie Sheet & Cooling Rack(70%)-7.49  I found this in the regular baking aisle mixed in with the other cookie sheets.

DYI Countdown Calendar(70%)-$1.50 Great craft for next year.
J.O.Y Santa Onsie (70%)-$1.49 This is also for my friends daughter.

Puzzles(70%)-$1.50 One for each of the kids stockings next year.

Hand Towels(70%)-$1.79
DIY Foam Ornaments(70%)-$0.90

Scotch Tape(70%)-$0.90 These you really have to scan each one before buying.  The package on both of these is exactly the same, but one rings up on clearance and the other doesn't.
Scotch Scissors(70%)-$1.50 We could always use a extra pair of scissors.
Scotch Expressions Washi tape(70%)-$0.89 There was tons and I mean tons of this washi tape left. Somehow I limited myself to only 3 mainly because I think there will still be plenty when things go 90% off.
The Barbie Mob
Mini Holiday Barbies(70%)-$1.49 These will end up in holiday goody bags at some point.

Burt's Bees Chap stick(70%)-$ 0.89 I seriously found these things randomly all over the store.
E.L.F 3pk Lip Gloss(70%)-$1.19


Lip Smackers Soda Flavors(70%)-$1.49 Do kids still collect lip smackers?? I collected them hard core growing up and I store them in my caboodle. Wait a minute do they even make caboodles anymore?

Just in case you aren't familiar this is a caboodle.
Lip Smackers 3pk(70%)-$1.19
3pk Chap Stick Tins (70%)-$1.49

Glad 6pk Plastic Containers(70%)-$0.89
Ziploc 2pk Plastic Containers(70%)-$0.89

Plastic Plates(70%)-$0.89

Nordic-ware cookie sheet(70%)-$3.89

Barbies(70%)-$1.49 There was more than 20 of these left all in the regular barbie aisle. All four of these will be gifts for next year. 

Flameless Tealights(70%)-$3.00 I thinking I'm going to use these in the kids pumpkins next year.
Mini Cookie Cutter Set(70%)-$2.99 I love bit sized cookies and we actually don't have any small cookie cutters.

Soft Lips(70%)-$0.89 I'm actually going to save these for next year too. 
DIY Holiday Stationary(70%)-$1.20

Sassy Car Seat Rattlers(70%)-$1.50 These will make a great baby gift for someone next year.
Stuffed Holiday Monkey(70%)-$1.50 Another gift for next year.

Coffee Mug(70%)-$1.19 We can always use another coffee mug.

So yea I ended up with a bunch of stuff, but most of it is actual gifts for next year or goodie bag stuff...which means I should probably start thinking about Hendrix's 3rd birthday. How can he possibly be almost 3.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Celebrations Part 2

Friday we headed to my grandma's who lives outside of Evansville. The drive is one of the worst. If there was a direct route to get there it would probably take less than 2 hours, but since there isn't then it takes about 3, but sometimes more.

Enjoying his new Car DVD player.
Normally I would say we look nothing a like, but there is a tiny resemblance.
He puts his entire lips into the bottle....so gross.

My brother, dad, and Hendrix
Kids with my Grandma Linda
Saturday was Hubs side of the family holiday get together.  This is the sole time that everyone gets together every year so it's always a mad house.  Tons of kids everywhere!!!

Playing in the ball pit.
Hendrix thought Robby's uncle was santa. 

Sunday we took the kids to the children's museum for Jolly Days before meeting up with another part of Robby's family for dinner.

Waiting in line to ride the slide.

Petting the Reindeer.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

10 Years Together Video Recap

In January Hubs and I have been together for 10 years and married for 5 1/2 years. I put a slide show video together as a little recap of our lives together. 

I'll leave you with this photo gem also. I think this is right when we started dating since there is wrapping in the background. My eyes are closed in about 75% of my photos and I have just learned to except it. And I have no idea why I ever thought it was a good idea to part my hair down the center.

Target Christmas Clearance

I think I'm just as excited for Target Christmas clearance as I was for actual Christmas. I said I was going to wait till things went 70%, but we needed diapers and I just couldn't resist. The Target we went to get the diapers at was super picked over, but then my friend called me while we were there and said the Target by her was well stocked so we end up going to that one too.

Solo Plastic Plates(50%)-$1.49 The clearance ones are the 15 pack.
Hefty Plastic Cups(50%)-$1.49 
Solo Plastic Cups(50%)-$1.49 The clearance package is the 34 count.
Plastic Silverware(50%)-$1.49
Metal Flatware Set(50%)-$1.49 Hendrix has finally decided to start using silverware so I figured I should invest.
Planters Nut Mix(30%)-$4.89
J.O.Y Girls PJ Set(50%)-$7.99 I'm really hoping these fit Carson next year. They are only 18 months so they might not fit and if not then I'll just gift them. There were only 2 sets of pjs left in either Target that I went to so I was pretty bummed.
I'm not even going to  pretend I'm going to save these.
I plan on keeping these all for me.

3-pk Chapstick Tins(50%)-$2.49 If I find more of these tins at 70% off I will save them for stocking stuffers, but I can't resist these bad boys.
Burts Bees(50%)-$1.49
Soft Lips(50%)-$1.49

Hand Towels(50%)-$2.99
Kitchen Towels(50%)-$2.99

Train Lego Sets(50%)-$2.49    I'm hoping to get a lot more of these when things go 70%. There was like at least 15 packs left at the 2nd store I went to, but just in case I grabbed these 5 sets.

Turtle Lego Set(50%)-$1.99
Holiday Barbies(50%)-$2.49  These are going into Carson's stocking next year. Hopefully I can pick a few more of these up to give out to her friends once they go 70% off.
Holiday Lipsmackers(50%)-$1.99 This is also going into Carson's stocking next year.

Kleenex-These aren't actually part of the regular Christmas clearance, but they were marked down and I had a coupon for them so they ended up in my cart.
Method Dish Soap(50%)-$1.74 I ended up with 4 of these and 1 bottle of all purpose cleaner that somehow skipped the photo shoot.
UP & UP Elf Diapers(50%)-$3.31 These were the sole pack of diapers I have found and it must be my lucky day because Carson is getting ready to move up to size 4 diapers.

Mountable Felt Tree Kit(50%)-$5.00 The kids will love this for next year!!
J.O.Y PJ Set(50%)-$6.49 While these aren't my favorite PJs they will work for Carson for next year for sure. I prefer the ones with feet in them since my kids refuse to keep socks on.

Burts Bees(50%)-$1.49 I'm actually going to save these because they will make great little gifts for my cousins next year.
Mini Play-Doh(50%)-$2.49 This will more than likely get split up or end up in Hendrix's stocking next year. Hopefully he will realize play-doh isn't food by then.

Holiday Ziploc Containers(50%)-$1.49 I had a $1 off coupon plus 10% with cartwheel so these were practically free!!