Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Here is what everything looked like before all the opening began. Hendrix woke up bright and early at 530, but had to wait until my mom and step-mom came over at 8 to open gifts. The kids got a lot of 16 to be exact. Hendrix got a leap pad 2 and Carson got the play house. Carson got some more baby dolls and a barbie also along with some clothes. Hendrix got some extra trains and more matchbox cars. The kids also got dvd players for the car from their nana.

Hubs was creeping in Carson's house.

We had to move the tree over to get the house 
to fit.

Santa filled our stockings

All of our Christmas Cards. 

Carson was so excited about her house.

Carson got a fake puppy and both kids love it.

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