Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Advent Calender Activities/Ideas

I have been dying to do an Advent Calendar since having kids. Growing up we each had one of those generic chocolate candy ones that we opened everyday. Hendrix needs no extra sugar so I needed to come up with 25 activities for a 2 year old so I wouldn't have to give him candy.  I really hope he's into Legos in a couple of years because I would love to get the Lego City Advent Calendar for him.
So until then we will just be doing daily activities. I came up with more than 25 in case we had to re-arrange activities at the last minute. It's a good mix between a daily Christmas book and activities outside the house. Several of the activities are local to us, but I'm sure there is something similar everywhere you could substitute.  Also there is a ton of fun craft projects you could add in too such as popsicle crafts, coloring sheets, and handprint activities. Hendrix isn't really into crafts yet so I'm saving those for next year. 

1) Ellis Park Winterland Lights Show-This is a local park that is decorated with lights that flash to music.
2) Read Polar Express
3) Watch Polar Express
4) Take a ride on the Polar Express Train- I know of three separate trains that do a Polar Express progam. Basically its a 2 hour train ride to the North Pole where the kids get to meat Santa. He gives them a bell along with cookies and hot chocolate.
5) Christmas at the Zoo
6) Circus- The circus always comes to Indy in the month of December so this works out perfect for us.
7) Go to the bookstore and pick out a new book-We are actually reading it on a separate night to get 2 activities out of 1.
8) Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas
9) Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
10) Visit Build a Bear to make holiday stuffed animals.
11) Make gingerbread houses
12) Make Christmas cookies
13) Make salt dough ornaments-We are going to be gifting ours to the kid's grandparents.
14) Jingle Rails-This is at one of our local museums, but basically its a huge train exhibit.
15) Decorate glass ornaments- I think we are going to try and make some etched glass ornaments.
16) Jolly Days at the Children's Museum
17) Mail List to Santa-We have a huge red mailbox downtown Indy to make it fun for kids. If you include a envelope with a return address then your kid will get a letter back.
18) Make Peppermint Bark
19) Make Pinecone Bird Feeders
20) Watch Charlie Brown Christmas
21) Watch Rudolph
22) Watch Elf
23) Play in the Snow
24) Read Twas the night before Christmas-We have 3 different versions of this and spread them out over 3 different nights
25) Make some fun popcorn.
26) Hot Chocolate Bar Party.

So that's what we have going on during the on the month of December, plus like 6 different family Christmas get togethers. I have a huge family hence the numerous parties.

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