Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Celebrations Part 2

Friday we headed to my grandma's who lives outside of Evansville. The drive is one of the worst. If there was a direct route to get there it would probably take less than 2 hours, but since there isn't then it takes about 3, but sometimes more.

Enjoying his new Car DVD player.
Normally I would say we look nothing a like, but there is a tiny resemblance.
He puts his entire lips into the gross.

My brother, dad, and Hendrix
Kids with my Grandma Linda
Saturday was Hubs side of the family holiday get together.  This is the sole time that everyone gets together every year so it's always a mad house.  Tons of kids everywhere!!!

Playing in the ball pit.
Hendrix thought Robby's uncle was santa. 

Sunday we took the kids to the children's museum for Jolly Days before meeting up with another part of Robby's family for dinner.

Waiting in line to ride the slide.

Petting the Reindeer.

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