Thursday, December 12, 2013

Polar Express

Last weekend we went on the Polar Express in Connersville(about 1.5 from us). We had heard good and bad things about the program so I was kinda nervous, but overall the kids liked it. I think my main complaint was the loading process was super unorganized and it was only like 15 degrees on the day we went so we were standing outside for about 30 minutes before actually getting on the train. The servers and elfs were all super friendly and really engaged my kids since we were sitting at the front of the train. The hot chocolate and cookies were good and they played the hot chocolate song from the movie while they were being served. Afterwards they read the book over the loudspeaker and we had brought our book to follow along with. The train was loud so I was hard to hear the story. Once you reach the north pole Santa came out and boarded the train and rode back with us to the station. He visited each child and gave them a bell, which my kids were obsessed with. Hendrix actually sat on his lap without freaking out.  I will say the 2 hour train ride was a little long for my kids as far as trying to keep them sitting in their seats without car seats.

The North Pole

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