Thursday, January 23, 2014

Carson-14 Months

Carson finally moved up to size 4 diapers. She is still wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 2 shoes though. She has worn one pair of shoes so much that I'm going to have to throw them away. I would never dream that a size 2 pair of shoes would get worn out and have to be thrown away, but they are literally falling apart.. I don't think that Hendrix has yet to wear any shoes out since his feet grow so fast.

She can blow kisses like no body's business.  She pretty much only gives actual kisses to me, although she does tolerate Hendrix kissing her. She's walking about 50% of the time. She gets scared easily because Hendrix wants to help her, but in reality he's just scaring her.

Last week she had her first ear infection and took antibiotics for the first time ever. Soo thankful both kids are fairly healthy and rarely get sick. Hendrix has only had 2 ear infections and pink eye once(which he did end up giving to Carson last winter).

Here are some pictures from the past month(I really have been slacking in the picture department this month):
Checking out the snow for the first time.

This is one of her favorite past times.

Girlfriend is obsessed with looking at herself in the mirror.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Target Christmas Clearance Part IV

Things finally went 90% off today!!!. Here is what I got on all my previous trips(Part 1, 2, and 3) We are supposed to be getting 8-14 inches of snow starting late Saturday night so I didn't get to do as much bargain hunting as I would of liked since I had to prepare for the blizzard of 2014. We already have a good 6 inches of snow from wednesday's little snow storm so we could end up with a foot and half total since none has had a chance to melt. I should also mention that the high is like -2 the next three days.

I stocked on a bunch of things we actually needed along with hitting up the 90% off Christmas stuff so my cart ended up being pretty full....

Soft Lips(90%)-$0.29
Lip Gloss Set(90%)-$0.39

Mossimo Men's Underwear(90%)-$0.59 I think we ended up with like 10 pairs of these. Thankfully Hubs doesn't care what pattern they are.

Too cheap to resist.
Butterfinger Jingles(70%)-$0.95

Wilson Cookie Cutter Set(90%)-$0.69

Kids Plate(90%)-$0.29
Scotch Washi tape(90%)-$0.29

Snowflake Platter(90%)-$0.99

Monsters University 3 pc. Set(90%)-$0.89
Lip Smacker Gift Sets(90%)-$0.49

I made Hubs stop at a Target on our way to the Colts game, which was amazing!!!

Wilton Mini Muffin Pan(90%)-$1.09 I was sooo shocked when we discovered this bad boy.
I couldn't resist.
Holiday Barbies(90%)-$0.49

Tonka Truck(90%)-$0.59 Hendrix will love this. Anything that lights up and makes noises is right up his alley.

J.O.Y. Girls Pj Set(90%)-$1.59 I picked these up for a friend.

Wilton 9 inch Pie Pan(90%)-$0.49
Cinderella Figurine(90%)-$0.49

Disney My First Princess(90%)-$0.59
Mini Holiday Barbie(90%)-$0.49
Scotch Tape(90%)-$0.30

Sassy Teething Key Ring(90%)-$0.50

Friday, January 3, 2014

Target Christmas Clearance Part III

So we headed to Target today because I was thinking today things would go 90% off...WRONG. Seriously 4 days of 50% and 4 of 70% so it has to be tomorrow right?? We had to get a birthday gift and I wanted to get my  espresso Starbucks cup filled so the trip wasn't a complete waste. We went to a different Target than normal since we were hoping it was 90% and we found some goodies along with some new stuff that I just found out was part of the holiday clearance stuff.

Sassy Teeters(70%)-$1.50 This will make a great gift for next year. 
Disney My First Princes(70%)-$1.79 More than likely this will end up in Carson's stocking next year.

Mossimo Men's  Boxer Briefs(70%)-$1.79 You never can have too many pairs of underwear so I'm sure Hubs will be happy to have these. I think there were 3 different patterns, but I only saw the Walrus with a little hat on and the elf ones. I found these in the men's regular underwear area and there were tons of these left.

Sassy Car Seat Rattles(70%)-$1.50
Fisher Price Stuffed Bear(70%)-$1.50  This is supposed to be a polar bear which is why its part of the holiday clearance stuff.

Scotch Washi Tape(70%)-$0.89 Clearly I need more washi tape...anyway I found these in the regular tape aisle.

Lip Smacker Gift Sets(70%)-$1.49 These were all found in the regular beauty aisles also.