Friday, January 3, 2014

Target Christmas Clearance Part III

So we headed to Target today because I was thinking today things would go 90% off...WRONG. Seriously 4 days of 50% and 4 of 70% so it has to be tomorrow right?? We had to get a birthday gift and I wanted to get my  espresso Starbucks cup filled so the trip wasn't a complete waste. We went to a different Target than normal since we were hoping it was 90% and we found some goodies along with some new stuff that I just found out was part of the holiday clearance stuff.

Sassy Teeters(70%)-$1.50 This will make a great gift for next year. 
Disney My First Princes(70%)-$1.79 More than likely this will end up in Carson's stocking next year.

Mossimo Men's  Boxer Briefs(70%)-$1.79 You never can have too many pairs of underwear so I'm sure Hubs will be happy to have these. I think there were 3 different patterns, but I only saw the Walrus with a little hat on and the elf ones. I found these in the men's regular underwear area and there were tons of these left.

Sassy Car Seat Rattles(70%)-$1.50
Fisher Price Stuffed Bear(70%)-$1.50  This is supposed to be a polar bear which is why its part of the holiday clearance stuff.

Scotch Washi Tape(70%)-$0.89 Clearly I need more washi tape...anyway I found these in the regular tape aisle.

Lip Smacker Gift Sets(70%)-$1.49 These were all found in the regular beauty aisles also.

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