Saturday, January 4, 2014

Target Christmas Clearance Part IV

Things finally went 90% off today!!!. Here is what I got on all my previous trips(Part 1, 2, and 3) We are supposed to be getting 8-14 inches of snow starting late Saturday night so I didn't get to do as much bargain hunting as I would of liked since I had to prepare for the blizzard of 2014. We already have a good 6 inches of snow from wednesday's little snow storm so we could end up with a foot and half total since none has had a chance to melt. I should also mention that the high is like -2 the next three days.

I stocked on a bunch of things we actually needed along with hitting up the 90% off Christmas stuff so my cart ended up being pretty full....

Soft Lips(90%)-$0.29
Lip Gloss Set(90%)-$0.39

Mossimo Men's Underwear(90%)-$0.59 I think we ended up with like 10 pairs of these. Thankfully Hubs doesn't care what pattern they are.

Too cheap to resist.
Butterfinger Jingles(70%)-$0.95

Wilson Cookie Cutter Set(90%)-$0.69

Kids Plate(90%)-$0.29
Scotch Washi tape(90%)-$0.29

Snowflake Platter(90%)-$0.99

Monsters University 3 pc. Set(90%)-$0.89
Lip Smacker Gift Sets(90%)-$0.49

I made Hubs stop at a Target on our way to the Colts game, which was amazing!!!

Wilton Mini Muffin Pan(90%)-$1.09 I was sooo shocked when we discovered this bad boy.
I couldn't resist.
Holiday Barbies(90%)-$0.49

Tonka Truck(90%)-$0.59 Hendrix will love this. Anything that lights up and makes noises is right up his alley.

J.O.Y. Girls Pj Set(90%)-$1.59 I picked these up for a friend.

Wilton 9 inch Pie Pan(90%)-$0.49
Cinderella Figurine(90%)-$0.49

Disney My First Princess(90%)-$0.59
Mini Holiday Barbie(90%)-$0.49
Scotch Tape(90%)-$0.30

Sassy Teething Key Ring(90%)-$0.50

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