Sunday, February 23, 2014

Carson-15 Months

Girlfriend is walking 100% of the time now and she cracks me up. She walks with her legs spread so far apart and sooo slowly. Hopefully she speeds it up a bit as she gets more confidence. Every time she starts walking Hendrix is all "Look Carson is walking". I think he is more excited about it than we are.

She is working on getting her second molar and this puts her 8 teeth total. 6 on top and just 2 on the bottom still.  Hardly having any teeth doesn't slow her down as far as eating goes though because she can pack some food away.

She is wearing size 4 diapers still, but we have started to put away some of her 9 month clothes that were getting a bit small.

Her new hobby is throwing things in the toilet. Hendrix never did this, but we also hardly allowed him into the bathroom. Now that Hendrix is potty trained we have to leave the door to the bathroom open and she is constantly sneaking in there.

I went to find pictures from the last month and realized I hardly had any on my phone and not a single one on my actual camera. Here are the few pictures I actually have from the past month:

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