Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Target Valentine's Day Clearance

We scoped out the clearance section on Saturday and picked up just two things.

Barbie(50%)-$2.99 This will be in Carson's Vday goodies next year. 
Mini Bubbles(50%)-2.50 these will probably end up in birthday goodie bags because there is nothing valentines day theme about them.

Things went 70% on Tuesday so after Hendrix's first dentist appointment ever we headed out to see what we could find.

Spritz Wrapping Paper(70%)-$1.19 I love the gold chevron for Christmas or anything in general and the hearts will be perfect for any little girl.

Heart Wreath(70%)-$5.99 I never got around to making a wreath this year and now I don't have to worry about it.

Felt Banner(70%)-$1.79
Spritz Tissue Paper(70%)-$0.44 Too cheap to pass up. If they have more at 90% off I'm going to stock up because there was tons left still.
Wilson Cookie Cutters(70%)-$ 1.49

Tattoo Favors(70%)-$1.50

Bubbles-Now that I'm looking at my receipt I don't think this is part of the clearance and I didn't scan them prior to paying for them because Hendrix had a death grip on them. There were a ton of these all the Valentines Day Stuff though. 
Light up Necklace(70%)-$0.90

Planes Valetines(70%)-$0.75 Hendrix can give these out next year.
Divided tray(70%)-$0.89 
Hot Wheels Pack(70%)-$1.49 Hendrix will be getting these next year.

Star Wars Grab & Go Coloring Packs(70%)-$0.94 These will make great goodie bag gifts. Hoping I can find a couple more.

Mini Muffin Tins(70%)-$0.59
Barbie Grab & Go Pack(70%)-$0.94 I was hoping to find a ton of these and sadly this is the only one I found so far.
TMT Grab & Go Pack(70%)-$0.94

So I stopped by another Target on my way to work.
Sorry for the crappy picture.
Grab & Go Packs(70%)-$0.94 So I'm really confused on these packs. They rang up full price(I'm not even sure if what they range up as was full price), but since I bought them earlier in the day the cashier price adjusted them to $0.94 for me. So I compared them to the ones I bought earlier just to make they were identical and they were, but I looked at my receipt from the previous Target and I realized there wasn't a sale arrow next to them.  I knew they were part of the Valentines Day stuff though because I had taken pictures of them when they first put everything out. They do have similar packs to these in the dollar spot also that are smaller.

From back in January when they first put everything out.

Crayon Rings(70%)-$0.45 These will be perfect for goodie bags next year.

Lip Smacker Set(70%)-$1.34

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