Sunday, March 23, 2014

Carson-16 Months

Carson is turning into such a girly girl. She discovered her plastic jewelry this past week and she loves to brush her hair. She also enjoys looking at herself in the mirror. She is still a terrible slow and clumsy.

Still wearing size 4 diapers and 12 months clothes. We did move her up to some size 3 shoes, which are still a little big. Just this past week her bottom two 1 year molars have started to come in. This will put her at 10 teeth total once they come in.

Girlfriend is starting to talk more. She can say hi, bye, mama, and dada. It also sounds like she is trying to say "what's this?" Which is Hendrix's favorite saying 80 times a day.
I didn't realize just how much her hair has grown until I made this.

At her 16 month check up he was 24lbs(82%) and 30 inches tall(27%).
Here are some pictures from the past month:

She fell while playing at Chick-Fila and bit her lip.

She is a tad obsessed with Hendrix's leap pad.

Trying on her new Toms.

Her new hobby is jumping in Hendrix's bed.

We broke down and bought her a used leap pad off Ebay.

She is not a morning person!!!

Breakfast with her glow worm.

I'm so glad that beard is gone.

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