Sunday, April 27, 2014

Camping at Lieber State Park!!!

We took the kids on their first camping trip this past weekend at Lieber State Park(Cagles Mills Lake). It was basically a test run for some future trips we have planned. We are camping in Michigan for the fourth of July and then we are going to camp again during the covered bridge festival in October. We will probably do a couple of more 1 night trips in between those, but those are our two long weekend trips we have planned.

Since it was a test run we only stayed one night and went down Saturday afternoon. Robby's brother, Cory and his son Blake met us there. We did a little fishing after we got our campsite set up. Afterwards we cooked dinner and just hung out around the fire.

Checking out the bait minnows.

They are 2.5 years apart, but are essentially the same size.

Girlfriend pretty much just ate and played around in the dirt.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Target Easter Clearance

So I went to Target Tuesday morning when I got off to scoop up anything I just had to have while things were still 50%. I tried not to go crazy and I'm super glad I didn't because I hit the jackpot at a different Target today when things went 70% off. 

Disney Motorized Fans(50%)-$1.50 These will be perfect for Disney!!
Disney Drawing Board(50%)-$2.50 Easter Basket item for next year.

Easter Barbies(50%)-$2.49 Perfect for next year also.

Disney Light Up Wands(50%)-$2.50 These will make great gifts and are perfect for Disney World too.

Sassy Car Seat Toy(50%)-$2.50 These make great gifts because its not really Easter themed. There are also pink and blue bunny ones to look for. 

Here's all the stuff I scored once things went 70% off today. Most of it I got all at one store(the scary store in a bad part of town), but I went to a total of 3.

Easter place mats(70%)-$0.59

Tissue Paper(70%)-$0.37
Dog Treats(70%)-$1.34

Barbie Glow Wands(70%)-$0.30

TMNT Glow Band(70%)$1.49 Hendrix randomly picked this up and I let him have.
Stuff Minnie(70%)-$1.49
Rubber Duck(70%)-$0.59 I need to throw some of our bath toys away so this will be a nice replacement.

Disney Light Up Wands(70%)-$1.50 I searched high and low for the boy version and came up with nothing. Both of my kids love these stupid things.
Disney Drawing Board(70%)-$1.50 I was happy to find a matching boy board for Hendrix for next year.
Of course I needed more chapstick...
Skittles/Starburst Lip Smacker Packs(70%)-$1.49
Cupcake Lip Smacker Packs(70%)-$1.19
Chap Stick(70%)-$1.19
Lip Smacker Egg(70%)-$1.19
Lip Smacker Boxes(70%)-$1.49
and some more...
Single EOS(70%)-$0.89 There were tons of these left..probably at least 20 or more. If there is still some when things go 90% I will still buy them too...
EOS 2 Pack(70%)-$1.50
Tic Tacs make great bribes.
Annie's Bunny Packs(50%)-$0.50
Tic Tacs(50%)-$0.50

Oral-B Disney Toothbrushes(70%)-$1.49 These are a great hidden find. There are also some Colgate ones hat should be included. I didn't find any of them, but I do have a picture of them when they first put them out with all the Easter stuff if you want to look for them.
Colgate ones to look for.

Hot Wheels(70%)-$1.50
Lego Pack(70%)-$0.98

Color Wonder Puzzle(70%)-$1.50 I was hoping to find more of these because they will make great gifts. I know there was a Cars, planes, and Rapunzel version also. 

Plastic Easter Plates(70%)-$0.89

Disney Jewelry(70%)-$1.49 Another great gift.

Easter Cup(70%)-$1.19
Stuffed Lamb(70%)-$1.49
Foam Egg Decorating Kit(70%)-$1.50

Annie's Fruit Snacks(50%)-$3.49

Easter Hand Towels(70%)-$1.49

Easter Banners(70%)-$1.79

Disney Princess Wand(70%)-$1.50

Stroller Toy(70%)-$1.50
Egg Decorating Kit(70%)-$0.90 Hendrix's choice for next year.

Cardboard Easter Bucket(70%)-$1.50 Hendrix broke one of the ones we had this year during an intense egg hunt, so we needed a replacement.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Carson-17 Months

Girlfriend is really growing up and it blows my mind. She is walking a lot better, but still hasn't worked up to a run thankfully.  She loves playing outside, which is a huge improvement over last summer especially in the rock pit. She is very into shoes also. She is always picking up her shoes and carrying them around the house and trying to get someone to put them on her.

Still rocking her 10 teeth, size 4 diapers, and 12 months clothes mostly. I did put up the last of her 9 month stuff last week.

She has started to say thank you when we give her stuff and it's so cute. She also says "cheese" when we get out the camera. She also is really into trying to climb anything and everything. Since she is vertically challenged she is limited to what she can actually climb.

Here are some pictures from the past month:

Practicing her egg hunting skills. 
Just doing her hair. 

Keys in one hand ready to go. 

Saturday before Easter

Easter Sunday