Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Recap

Since my work schedule changed to having to work every other weekend Easter weekend became my weekend to work. I was definitely not happy about this. Anyway Hubs actually had Friday off from work since his work honors Good Friday. I had forgotten about this and had already signed the kids up to attend daycare(we sign up the days they will attend before the start of the month since they are just part time). He fixed some guys truck while he was kid less. Once I was up and the kids were home we had a little egg hunt for them to practice hunting eggs.

Their Loot!!!
Saturday Hubs took the kids to a Easter egg hunt at a local park and ran a bunch of errands.  Afterwards he tilled up our garden for first of many times before it will be ready for planting and cleaned the house some for me. We also let the kids open their Easter baskets since they would be gone all day Sunday.
Off to hunt Eggs with Daddy.
Ignore Hendrix's facial expression. 
Round one of tilling. 
Opening her Easter basket
Eating a peep for the first time. 

Sunday morning Hubs loaded up the kids and headed down south to my mom's and grandma's(2 hours away) to attend church and to have Easter lunch with an egg hunt. Once Hubs and the kids got home I cooked us an Easter dinner. I think the kids had a great day. I really wished I didn't have work especially since it was such a great day.

This is how she greeted me when I came home from work Sunday morning. 
Carson wearing my old Easter dress. She wore another last year too. 

A comparison of course. 
Hunting eggs at my grandmas house. 
The kids with my mom(Nana). 
Easter dinner I cooked when I got up and the kids got home. 

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