Sunday, April 13, 2014

Over The Door Bow Organizer

It's no secret Carson has quite a large collection of hairbows...I'm obsessed. Right now we have the majority of them in a bin and then a small selection on a bow holder I purchased off etsy when I was setting up her nursery.

We bought two pieces of 8 foot trim and two over the door hooks all for about $20 at Menards. We already had the chicken wire and grey paint.

Hubs cut the trim into two 5 foot pieces and two 14 inches pieces with 45 degree angles on each end.
 Then he pieced them together. He used small pieces of wood on the back of each corner to have something to screw the pieces to and to make it stand out from the door a bit.

You can see the small piece of wood on the back of the corner.

Then he attached the chicken wire with a staple gun.

Then I painted the trim with some leftover grey paint we had.

We bought two over the door hooks from Menards and just slipped them through the holes in the chicken wire.

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