Thursday, April 24, 2014

Target Easter Clearance

So I went to Target Tuesday morning when I got off to scoop up anything I just had to have while things were still 50%. I tried not to go crazy and I'm super glad I didn't because I hit the jackpot at a different Target today when things went 70% off. 

Disney Motorized Fans(50%)-$1.50 These will be perfect for Disney!!
Disney Drawing Board(50%)-$2.50 Easter Basket item for next year.

Easter Barbies(50%)-$2.49 Perfect for next year also.

Disney Light Up Wands(50%)-$2.50 These will make great gifts and are perfect for Disney World too.

Sassy Car Seat Toy(50%)-$2.50 These make great gifts because its not really Easter themed. There are also pink and blue bunny ones to look for. 

Here's all the stuff I scored once things went 70% off today. Most of it I got all at one store(the scary store in a bad part of town), but I went to a total of 3.

Easter place mats(70%)-$0.59

Tissue Paper(70%)-$0.37
Dog Treats(70%)-$1.34

Barbie Glow Wands(70%)-$0.30

TMNT Glow Band(70%)$1.49 Hendrix randomly picked this up and I let him have.
Stuff Minnie(70%)-$1.49
Rubber Duck(70%)-$0.59 I need to throw some of our bath toys away so this will be a nice replacement.

Disney Light Up Wands(70%)-$1.50 I searched high and low for the boy version and came up with nothing. Both of my kids love these stupid things.
Disney Drawing Board(70%)-$1.50 I was happy to find a matching boy board for Hendrix for next year.
Of course I needed more chapstick...
Skittles/Starburst Lip Smacker Packs(70%)-$1.49
Cupcake Lip Smacker Packs(70%)-$1.19
Chap Stick(70%)-$1.19
Lip Smacker Egg(70%)-$1.19
Lip Smacker Boxes(70%)-$1.49
and some more...
Single EOS(70%)-$0.89 There were tons of these left..probably at least 20 or more. If there is still some when things go 90% I will still buy them too...
EOS 2 Pack(70%)-$1.50
Tic Tacs make great bribes.
Annie's Bunny Packs(50%)-$0.50
Tic Tacs(50%)-$0.50

Oral-B Disney Toothbrushes(70%)-$1.49 These are a great hidden find. There are also some Colgate ones hat should be included. I didn't find any of them, but I do have a picture of them when they first put them out with all the Easter stuff if you want to look for them.
Colgate ones to look for.

Hot Wheels(70%)-$1.50
Lego Pack(70%)-$0.98

Color Wonder Puzzle(70%)-$1.50 I was hoping to find more of these because they will make great gifts. I know there was a Cars, planes, and Rapunzel version also. 

Plastic Easter Plates(70%)-$0.89

Disney Jewelry(70%)-$1.49 Another great gift.

Easter Cup(70%)-$1.19
Stuffed Lamb(70%)-$1.49
Foam Egg Decorating Kit(70%)-$1.50

Annie's Fruit Snacks(50%)-$3.49

Easter Hand Towels(70%)-$1.49

Easter Banners(70%)-$1.79

Disney Princess Wand(70%)-$1.50

Stroller Toy(70%)-$1.50
Egg Decorating Kit(70%)-$0.90 Hendrix's choice for next year.

Cardboard Easter Bucket(70%)-$1.50 Hendrix broke one of the ones we had this year during an intense egg hunt, so we needed a replacement.

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