Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Man what a busy weekend!!! Friday Carson turned 18 months.

Saturday was Hendrix's 3rd Birthday Party. That kid has it made!!! After we picked everything up from the party we just hung out at the house and played with all of Hendrix's new toys.

Loves her accessories. 

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and then went grocery shopping. Then we hit up the park for a bit while we were waiting for the pool to open up.  Hendrix has been dying to go swimming since we went and bought our pool passes. After everyone took a long nap we had friends come over for a cookout and bonfire. 

Little night time baseball. 

Girlfriend was a hot a mess. 

Hard hat as a helmet. 

Monday was Hendrix's actual birthday and he wanted to go swimming again so we did. Then after naps we took the kids and our neighbor to the Indians game. Monday nights are $1 night and a majority of the food is a $1. My kids eat a ton so this is a bargain for us. Plus since it was Memorial day they had fireworks after the game.

She insisted on pulling this bag through the water almost the entire time. 

Sometimes you just gotta lift your dress up. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hendrix-3 Years

Oh where to begin with Hendrix. Well for one how about you stop growing up. Anyway He is constantly talking and has yet to learn what please be quiet means. I can understand about 90% of what he says though. He is finally potty trained, which pretty much consumed both January and February. Thankfully it was freezing and snowed a ton so it's not like we had much else to do anyway except hang out at home in our underwear.

Some of his favorite sayings are:
"It's broken, you fix it?"
"Carson are you happy? Get happy."
" I jump around."

His favorite food is pizza, corn on the cob, and steak. Bananas and oatmeal is his breakfast of choice. He loves Thomas the train, monsters, and mickey mouse. He is currently obsessed with these light up Thomas the train shoes. He really likes to do his own hair in the morning with gel. Playing outside on your playground is your favorite thing to do along with swimming in your baby pool. Hendrix also loves his motorized train set. His favorite animal is sharks.

He is super helpful around the house with switching laundry, putting things in the trash or dirty laundry, and wiping up spills.

His 3 year check up is delayed until the end of August since our pediatrician had her baby a couple of weeks early. He does weigh about 35 pounds at home and is about 40 inches tall I think.

Here are some recent photos:

His birthday gift from Daycare

Watering plants

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thomas the Train 3rd Birthday Party Extravaganza!!!!

Man oh man time is flying with this little boy!! I gave him three options for his birthday party (Monsters University, Mickey, and Thomas). Naturally he choose Thomas, which was the one I was least looking forward too, but he is obsessed. We got most of the party decorations from Party City. We just did a family and few friends again this year to keep things small.  We decided to do a Taco bar instead of cooking out like the previous two years.

This year I waited too long to order his cake because of everything that happened at the end of March and we had to ordered from a different place than normal. We went with Brenda's Cakes instead. Hendrix choose a strawberry cake, which tasted ok. I was less than impressed though with the actual decorations on the cake. The top of the cake wasn't even flat...

Here's the cookies that went into the goody bags I put together for his little friends. There was also play-doh, glow bracelets, and tattoos along with match box cars or lip gloss. All stuff I picked up from Target on clearance at some point or another.

Hendrix made out like a bandit this year on gifts. My dad bought him a 4-wheeler and my mom's boyfriend bought him a vintage metal riding tractor. Along with tons of Thomas stuff. So far turning 3 has treated him well.