Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thomas the Train 3rd Birthday Party Extravaganza!!!!

Man oh man time is flying with this little boy!! I gave him three options for his birthday party (Monsters University, Mickey, and Thomas). Naturally he choose Thomas, which was the one I was least looking forward too, but he is obsessed. We got most of the party decorations from Party City. We just did a family and few friends again this year to keep things small.  We decided to do a Taco bar instead of cooking out like the previous two years.

This year I waited too long to order his cake because of everything that happened at the end of March and we had to ordered from a different place than normal. We went with Brenda's Cakes instead. Hendrix choose a strawberry cake, which tasted ok. I was less than impressed though with the actual decorations on the cake. The top of the cake wasn't even flat...

Here's the cookies that went into the goody bags I put together for his little friends. There was also play-doh, glow bracelets, and tattoos along with match box cars or lip gloss. All stuff I picked up from Target on clearance at some point or another.

Hendrix made out like a bandit this year on gifts. My dad bought him a 4-wheeler and my mom's boyfriend bought him a vintage metal riding tractor. Along with tons of Thomas stuff. So far turning 3 has treated him well.

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