Friday, May 23, 2014

Carson-18 Months

She looks so different with wet hair. 

Carson is starting to talk like crazy now. I def think she is talking more than Hendrix was at this age. She can say "Eat" "Thank You" and "More." I wish she would get more teeth because we are still hanging out with just 10. Not that having only a few teeth stop her from eating more than a grown adult. It seems like she is constantly wanting to eat.

She is still climbing like crazy too. She can figure out a way to get up onto anything. Super tall playground...conquered. She is loving getting in the baby pool and playing in the rock pit. She is really into her baby dolls too. She is constantly giving them kisses and hugs.

Her 18 month doctors appointment is getting delayed until the end of August because our pediatrician just had her baby a couple of weeks early. Same with Hendrix's 3 year appointment.

Here are some pictures from the past month:

They love the water table. Hendrix insisted he needed his cloths off. 

Needed all her accessories. 

Target Shopping!!
Trying on her new necklace.

Crazy hair

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