Monday, May 26, 2014

Hendrix-3 Years

Oh where to begin with Hendrix. Well for one how about you stop growing up. Anyway He is constantly talking and has yet to learn what please be quiet means. I can understand about 90% of what he says though. He is finally potty trained, which pretty much consumed both January and February. Thankfully it was freezing and snowed a ton so it's not like we had much else to do anyway except hang out at home in our underwear.

Some of his favorite sayings are:
"It's broken, you fix it?"
"Carson are you happy? Get happy."
" I jump around."

His favorite food is pizza, corn on the cob, and steak. Bananas and oatmeal is his breakfast of choice. He loves Thomas the train, monsters, and mickey mouse. He is currently obsessed with these light up Thomas the train shoes. He really likes to do his own hair in the morning with gel. Playing outside on your playground is your favorite thing to do along with swimming in your baby pool. Hendrix also loves his motorized train set. His favorite animal is sharks.

He is super helpful around the house with switching laundry, putting things in the trash or dirty laundry, and wiping up spills.

His 3 year check up is delayed until the end of August since our pediatrician had her baby a couple of weeks early. He does weigh about 35 pounds at home and is about 40 inches tall I think.

Here are some recent photos:

His birthday gift from Daycare

Watering plants

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