Sunday, May 4, 2014

Refurbished Deck & Deck Landscaping

Our deck as been pretty neglected with all the other house projects we have been tackling. It wasn't in perfect shape when we moved in, but we probably could of made it last a little bit longer if we would of sealed or stained at some point in the past 6 years. It's not completely ruined by any means, but it does need some help. Hubs decided we would just replaced all the rotted boards, which were conveniently mostly all in one location (area that is exposed to the most weather). We purchased replacement deck boards from Menards. We spent about  $200 on the deck boards.  We also purchased a Revitalize, which is like paint sealer for wood and concrete. There are like over 50 colors to pick from and we choose ginger brown and bought 2 gallons for $70. I don't have any good before pictures because Hubs always forgets to have me take them (probably on purpose), but he was anxious to get started since it was actually nice outside for once.

The only before picture I got since Hubs jumped the gun on me.

Progress picture taken over about a weeks time, since Hubs worked on it here and there in between work and side jobs.

Once we had all the wood replaced we had to wait for a couple of nice days in a row to apply the revitalize.

After I finished painting the deck.

Originally we wanted to extend our deck into the small grassy area in between the current deck and our fence, but Robby didn't want to alter the under support structure of the deck plus deck wood is expensive. So we decided to make it in a gravel patio area with some plants along the fence and more space for our extensive patio furniture(damn you Target clearance). First he tilled up the area to try and level the ground out some. Then he built a small retaining wall from the corner of the deck to the fence to keep the rock in the actual rock patio area. We spent about $75 on the retaining wall block and stepping stone to continue the path. The walking path starts out front by our driveway and we wanted to continue it through the gate up to the actual wood deck.
Before tilling.
After tilling.
After being raked out and leveled.

After the retaining wall was built we planted some hostas and hydrangeas along the fence. Then we laid down tarp to prevent weeds from growing before filling the area with rocks. We purchased the river rock for only $40 for the entire cheap.

Hendrix loved helping rake out the rock.

After leveling the rock out we moved all our patio furniture onto the rock patio. I really liked the way it turned out and it will be nice not to have to mow the area or trying to get grass to grow. Right now there is rock dust all over the deck, but the next time it rains it will help settle things and wash away all the dust.

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